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Labour Lies

Labour made Slough a poor and failing council (Audit Commission report). Through 21 unbroken years of misrule, Slough became a national byword for inefficiency and corruption. As I read through Labour's propaganda for the imminent local elections, I am aghast at their lies. They blame the Conservatives in Slough Borough Council for:

“...cutting the education budget”

This is a LABOUR LIE - spending on education has increased by 7%. As a local teacher, I would never agree to cuts in this crucial budget.

“...taking 37 years to repair a road”

This is a LABOUR LIE - they seem to have forgotten they were in power for 21 years; we have merely shared power for 3. Conservatives have not cut funding to road repairs.

“...wasting tax-payers money through incompetence”

This is a LABOUR LIE - Labour tied the council into so many 15-year contracts, it will take time to undo their incompetence.
Slough Borough Council Election - May 4th 2006

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