Candidate for Baylis & Stoke Ward
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Surinder Jabble's aims and Priorities

    The Environment
  • I want to see a further "greening" of our local environment.
  • I will fight to stop Labour’s destruction of the greenbelt.
  • I want to Slough to be a tidy place to live and work.

    Public Protection
  • In partnership with the police and voluntary bodies, I will work to make Slough a safer place in which to live and work. I want to see an increase in the number of Community Police officers on patrol, both by foot and in vehicles, therefore providing added security and protection to the vulnerable areas within the ward.

    Helping The Vulnerable
  • I want to see more Support for the Elderly and Disabled.

    Our Roads
  • I will work with Council Officers on the up-coming schemes to improve our traffic and transportation.

    Your Money
  • I will make sure that Labour will no longer be allowed to waste your money.
Slough Borough Council Election - May 4th 2006

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